competent contact for:

  • Project management and support of Solid Handling plants
  • Milling and grinding technologies-services
  • Pneumatic conveyor systems and silo storage
  • Bin storage and container handling systems
  • Product, exhausting and aspiration pipe systems

service involves:

  • Pre-project management
  • Project supervision and construction site coordination
  • Plant start-up performance
  • Analysis of process organizations
  • Increasing of plant performance
  • Increasing of plant performance
  • Employee training of process technologies
  • Coaching trouble­shooting and malfunction analysis
  • Optimizing of maintenance management

Thomas Fendel, the founder of FST FENDEL SOLIDHANDLING TECHNOLOGY, grew up in fifth Generation, as a "grown miller," at “Mühle-Fendel” in Oberwesel at the Middle Rhine region of West Germany.

His future professional career took him to operational management of various areas of food technology. Experience through management, in the process and plant development, planning on the production side, in project implementation up to commissioning, in the distribution of plants and as well sales explanation in the food-solid technology complete the profile.

Already in his job training as a miller and in the subsequent 4-year working as a shift leader, he already gained a wide range of experience.

From 1989 to 1991, he completed his further vocational training in a course of studies in milling technology, which he successfully completed as a State Certified Milling Technician and with a German examination of “Milling Master”, too.

He continued his further professional career consistently as headmiller and production manager in the technical management of the HILDEBRANDMÜHLE FRANKFURT (formerly the KAMPFMEYER Group, now the GOODMILLS Group, a leading company in the European milling industry). Here, he took over budget responsibility for the entire production area and the personnel management responsibility for 60 technical employees.


Other stations

Through further stations as operations and project manager in the milling and bulk materials technology, his career led him to BÜHLER BRAUNSCHWEIG (Site location of BÜHLER-AG, Switzerland, a global market leader for process technology, cereal processing, and feed) in 2008 as a technologist/process engineer. There he was responsible for the implementation of numerous commissions and service operations in mill and brewery companies in Europe, Africa and Asia for 5 years. Customer advice and sales supporting were also part of his responsibilities.

The change

In 2013, he moved to Daxner Bulk Solids Technology, Austria. Here, as an area sales engineer, he took care of customers throughout Germany in the field of bulk equipment, garbage plant, feed, tea, coffee, spices, baking products, ... from acquisition to quotation and processing of orders, to project execution start-ups and handover.

Experience profile

"In April 2017, with 35 years of professional experience in solid industries, he founded FST FENDEL SOLID TECHNOLOGY, as a supporter in bulk handling and started as a sales representative for KMH-Kammann Metallbau GmbH."



  • Technological sales support
  • Design of national and international conversion and new construction projects
  • Implementation of commissioning with performance and quality acceptance
  • Service and maintenance


  • Germany-wide distribution of machine and plant technology for food material handling
  • Acquisition of new customers
  • Customer-specific needs analysis and plant design
  • Quotation and order processing
  • Project support up to the handover/accept­­ance
  • After-sales service and customer support
  • Active participation at trade fairs and conferences

Project, production and plant management

  • Design and develop technical conversion and new construction concepts in the food industry
  • Process technology, project and plant development planning
  • Organizing and optimizing manufacturing processes to produce grinding products for human and animal nutrition
  • Plant design for grinding, mixing, drying, thermal treatment and refining of food raw materials
  • Development and technological implementation of specialty products for the food industry
  • Rationalization of production work processes
  • Introducing and ensuring quality management systems (ISO 9001, HACCP, IFS, QS)
  • Control of cost development for the production sector with budgetary responsibility
  • Optimizing the use of materials and energy consumption
  • Reporting system with target-actual comparisons, return considerations, cost controlling
  • Human resources management and operational planning
  • Junior employee and staff training




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